Sunday, February 26, 2006

Turning lemons into lemonade

I never much liked the saying but it's turned out to be that kind of weekend. I didn't have any lemons but I did have my cats' old worn felt ball and the need for another pin cushion. I didn't pay attention to stitch perfection but had fun making my new pin cushion. (and it makes a funky creature turned upside down).


Jenny J said...

It does look like some whimsical creature, Betsey. Hmm, there's an idea...What did you use to get such a clean slice?

Betsey said...

I used an old bread knife that I sharpened up some.

Bonnie said...

And how did you embroider/sew buttons on it? Did you use a special needle?

That is the coolest and cutest pin cushion I've ever seen!

Anonymous said...

I just used a regular embroidery needle. It was very easy. The felt was soft enough to easy pull the needle and thread through. For the buttons I left the thread slack until I had pulled the needle and thread back up and then tightened. To finish off, I just loop knotted under the button and snipped the thread off under the button. For the embroidered areas, I started by pulling a running stitch under and up and then pulled a long length of thread, and then pulled and left the tail inside the ball. To end the thread, I came up through the ball to underneath a button and snipped. I'm not sure how understandable this is! But it was easy!