Sunday, April 18, 2010

F+A+E Brooch

F+A+E brooch is the mystery blog giveaway. And the winner is...


Please email with your address info or pm me on Ravelry. Hope you like it! It was crocheted with a Habu silk using a 1.7 hook. Below is the piece as shown in the book.

Here's a photo from the Knot book that displays all the motifs used throughout the book.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Blue. I'm surrounded by blue these days.

My sister, Jenny, gifted me the shawl pattern, Wings of The Valkyrie by Jennifer Benson. I'm crocheting it with Zitron Trekking Pro Natura, a wool/bamboo blend yarn. It doesn't look too impressive in its current unkempt state, but the blocked swatch gives a preview of its future loveliness. The pattern can be found here or on Ravelry.

On the blue knitted front, I've started my first lace scarf, Anita Caroline, designed by Bonnie. It's a really pretty lace pattern, that's interesting to knit, but not too complex for a beginner like me. It too will open up once finished and blocked. The pattern can be found on Etsy or Ravelry

Yes, still more blue, but this one is finished. Topflappen, is a fun, uniquely shaped potholder. It was crocheted with Paton's Grace in azure, gray, and beige stripes on front and solid azure on the back. It's on its way to the recipient's mailbox, who just happens to love blue.