Friday, February 24, 2006

Permanent UFO?

I'm heavily leaning towards putting this mat, Swirling Seaweed, into the not-to-be-completed pile. The design originally had a dragon fly in the upper right area but I wasn't satisfied with how that was turning out, so I nixed the dragonfly and thought I might add a needle felted lotus. But I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be happy with that because I just dislike how this is turning out. I'm also not satisfied with the dark background. The green seaweed is temporary bits and pieces until I find the green wool I was going to use. My original thought was a moonlight Asian inspired image. The design was inspired by an antique Deerfield embroidery. Maybe I should rip it all out and restart with different colors?


brenda said...

I LIKE IT! I like the colors and everything...keep it swirling around it's great! I'd finish it....

Anonymous said...

Hey Betsey,

Actually, I really like this design a lot. It has a very Art Nouveau or perhaps an Arts & Crafts feel to it--very wild and curling, yet highly stylized. I love that stuff, and I like this. But I agree, something's off (assuming my computer screen is showing me the right colors, which of course, it might not be). There's something about the green, I think, that's not working. Could it be a tad too much toward yellow? Maybe something a bit more towards green-blue or even violet? I like the bits of rose, too. Why not put it away for a week or two and then have another go at it? I'd really hate to see this design get neglected.

Or, maybe work it up as a pne piece first with a slightly different colorway to see what you could do?

Just my thoughts,


Betsey said...

Good ideas, Devin. Maybe I'll pull out the green and try something else - I already have put it out of sight for well over a month. A little pne could be fun. But if I still hate it, it's all yours, Brenda!