Saturday, February 04, 2006

Mafrash Discovery

Friday after work I went down the street to the Armenian Library and Museum. It was a nice way to shift away from the work week. One of the exhibits on view right now is about Turkish baths. There were some absolutely beautifully embroidered bath towels and bundling cloths. There were also some mafrashes - large storage containers made from kilims. The patterns and colors were great. I was very interested in how the edges were joined. It looks like the edges were sewn together with overcast stitches and then covered with herringbone stitches. Sue, the textile conservator at the museum, showed me Mafrash, a book they had just acquired. It was filled with lots of wonderful photos. You can always be guaranteed you’ll see some interesting textiles at the Armenian Museum. I found an online exhibit from the New England Rug Society “To Have and To Hold” that has lots of photos and good information.

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