Thursday, December 28, 2006

Petite Pineapples

I just finished blocking this doily and will send it off to my mom in the morning. She asked me to make her a set of blue doilies for the end tables in her living room. This was a fun and thankfully, easy pattern to do for my first thread crochet work.

Thread: J&P Coats Royale size 10 crochet thread
Color: Bridal blue
Hook: size 6
Size after blocking: 9.5 inches

Monday, December 25, 2006

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Nixed the Corkscrews

I tried a bunch of corkscrew combinations for the trim of the crocheted tassel bag- big ones, small ones, mixed colors, one color and I just couldn't come up with a combination I liked. So, I made a completely different trim that I instantly liked. I'm thinking this trim enlarged would make a nice scarf also. I ultimately decided to go with the crocheted straps instead of leather straps.
One of the reasons I liked this bag design was the clever use of 1/4 inch dowels in the top edge, making for a nice stiff opening. But once I tried it out, this is what happened! I decided that would drive me crazy. My solution was to sew the dowels inside the lining. No more poking dowels and I'm happy to use the bag.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Construction of a Bag Part Two

Here's the final putting together of the hooked handbag. Bear with me on the photos-they were taken at night with flash while I was working on the bag. First the lining was sewn in. The lining is about an inch larger than the width and and a little more than an inch longer than the length of the bag. I added a magnetic snap closure and an inside pocket.
To attach the handles I used handle straps and tabs from Tall Poppy, large rapid rivets from Tandy, along with a rivet setter. A hammer, tapestry needle, and small scissors were also used.
I prepped a hole for the rivet post with the tapestry needle. I also made a tiny snip in the lining to poke the post rivet through.
The post then was easily pushed through the back to the outside of the bag.
The handle strap ring was joined with the tab and the rivet cap was placed on top of the post.
The last step was placing the rivet setter on top of the cap and tapping it with the hammer to fasten the rivet. This is done on a hard, flat surface. The setter is rounded on one end so the dome of the cap doesn't get smashed.
The rest of the rivets were attached to the straps and bag. Easy!
And lastly, a shot of the finished bag at night. My camera hasn't been working so a proper photo in natural lighting will have to wait until I can borrow a camera. I'm very pleased with how it turned out. It took me awhile to find handles the length and style I wanted. I'm glad I waited until I found what I wanted.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Post Holiday Cooking

I figured before I give the stove a proper cleaning I'd do a little dying. After pre-soaking the wool in synthrapol, I dumped a variety of blue-greens, camels, and dark greens into the pot with laundry detergent. I let these cook to allow the colors to run onto each other and mute.
Here's the results. I'm thinking of using these for the background of a hooked rug stool.

While the wools were stewing I crocheted a swatch of the triple curve stitch used in a mobius pattern in the new Amazing Crochet Lace book by Doris Chan. I really like the stitch and the book is fantastic.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Construction of a Bag Part One

I found some (really bad) photos of the circles hooked bag I had taken while I was sewing it together. With this bag I decided to sew it the way kilim or mafrash bags are sewn - on the outside/wrong sides together. First I used a single strand of overdyed yarn and whipped the top edges of the bag.
I also whipped the top seam edges open to provide a bit more room when using the bag.
To sew up the side seams I first used a ladder stitch with a single strand of yarn. I covered this construction stitch up with a whip stitch using 2 yarn strands.
While I was sewing it up, I thought of another way to sew a hooked bag together. I'll have to try it on the next bag I make. Stay tuned for Part 2, putting in the lining and adding the handles.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mulled Wine

It's a rainy, slow paced Sunday - the perfect kind of day to have some wine and cheese, watch a movie, and catch up on projects and blogging.

The yarn: Knitpicks Panache (cashmere, silk, alpaca, merino) oh so silky, smooth and soft, about 1.75 skeins
The color: mulled wine
The hook: size k
The pattern: Get the Skinny Scarves, from Interweave webcrochet

It's about 3 inches wide and 46 inches long. I wish I'd made it a little longer. Still, I'm pleased with it. I haven't blocked it yet. I'm not sure it necessarily needs it.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

You gotta love Target

I was so happy to find that my local Target stocks Interweave Crochet. It also had Interweave's Holiday Gifts which has some nice things in it, but only 1 crochet piece. Target also had some cool, argyle over the knee socks - I'm wearing them in the photo.
The FO in the photo: a drawstring bag. I used the bikini bag pattern in "The Happy Hooker" book but changed the strap and added balls to the drawstrings. The yarn is Louet Avalan, linen and wool. Oh, and I'm wearing a crochet bracelet with little corkscrews. It also works as a necklace. I used pearl cotton I had in my embroidery tin.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More than a month later...

and November brings with it a new hard drive, some FO's, some WIP's, some discards, and some photos to recapture. Life has been a bit busy, while I also had a need to slow down. I'll try to catch up and post a few things I've been doing. I'll be enjoying this bobble hat. The pattern is from fable handmade goods. Jen has some lovely designs. The yarn I used was Plymouth Encore. Not a fancy yarn but I liked the color.
And I had enough yarn left to crochet this neckwarmer! It's not a pattern - just alternated single and double crochet stitches.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Voting Day

Yeah, it's been a couple weeks since I posted. No excuse really, although my camera seemed to have gotten the flu and refused to take any decent pictures. It did cooperate today. I made this bag from Interweave Crochet Spring '06. But I'm not a big tassle fan so I'm going to do some other sort of embellishment. Here's where you can vote again today (or for the first time if you didn't have primaries today). Please give me your opinions and suggestions!
Here's my changes: I used KnitPicks Sierra yarn. Instead of the crocheted handles I'm going with leather straps. The fabric is for the lining. The embellishment options: a line of little corkscrews or varying leaves and flowers. I'm also thinking maybe some sort of trim edging like an elaborate picot trim. The colors of the flower, etc are just a sample. So what do you think?

Other updates: my hooked bag is waiting for its handles to arrive in the mail and the spokes stool is about halfway done but looking different from my original vision. More photos soon if my camera decides it wants to be helpful.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Flowers and Vines Pouch

I finally got around to sewing up the flowers and vines pn embroidery. Now instead of using a plastic bag I have a pouch for carrying around current crochet projects.

And yesterday Ganesh Chaturthi began. Wouldn't it be great to go to India for the festival.

Friday, August 25, 2006

This, that, and the other thing

August has been full of a variety of small projects. Here's a sampling of some of them. "Zinni" is my first attempt at crocheting a Amigurumi toy. She was alot of fun to crochet, but less fun to sew together.

I crocheted a little (about 3x4) jewelry pouch for my mom to give her a yarn sample for some doilies she wants me to make for her. The very nice yarn is Jaeger Aqua, a mercerized cotton, and the color is water.
A long time ago I had gotten some Manos del Uruguay yarn for a rug hooking project. I decided to crochet a ruffle scarf with it. I think it'll make a festive scarf for the holidays.

And I started an easy, casual shawl. I'm really liking the pattern and the color of the wool, a soft Berroco Ultra Alpaca. The fabric in the background is going to be the lining for the hooked circle handbag. Have a nice weekend - hard to believe August is almost gone!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

In the bag

The evenings and early mornings have been cool enough to hook and get the circles handbag done. It still needs to be steamed, and then sewn together and a lining put in. I haven't decided on a lining fabric yet or the type of handles or strap I want to use. I've been browsing online at M-J Trim, UMX, Tandy, Joann's, etc. Here's a picture of how it'll look when it's put together. It'll be about 11.5x7.5 inches, with a 2 in bottom.

And here's a close up!
Now I'm off to play tennis. It's a beautiful day!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Think Pink

There's something soothing and cozy about pale pink and that's why I used a light shade of pink for a couple scarves for The Think Pink Challenge (supports breast cancer awareness). I used the crochet cravat pattern from the One Skein book. I couldn't find an affordable bulky pale pink yarn at my local LYS's, so I used worsted weight Ultra Alpaca. I made the first scarf using one strand and K size hook. It's a fun, easy pattern and super quick and pleasant using a bamboo hook. The pic below shows me wearing both scarves. I hooked a second one (2nd pic) using a double strand and the K hook as I don't have a P size hook as recommended. The bulky yarn really does make the scarf. I'll definitely be making more!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Blocking the Bamboo Scarf

A quick picture while I'm pinning down the bamboo scarf. Woolcott Yarns in Cambridge is having a sale tomorrow so I'm browsing my potential patterns in preparation. More tomorrow!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Bamboo and a Wrap

The last time I was at Windsor Button I saw a pretty crochet scarf on display made with Bamboo. You got the pattern when you purchased a skein - so I couldn't pass it up. Here it is in progress. It'll be a nice scarf for all seasons. I like how the color makes it look a bit nature-inspired.

While I was at WB I also picked up some Berroco Touche (cotton/rayon). My intension was to make a summer tank but I changed my mind and I'm crocheting a wrap. I'm changing the stitch pattern every 4 inches or so as a way to try out different stitches.
It's looking like it's going to cool down enough this evening to actually do some rug hooking, so I'm off!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Catching Up

Summer Coasters! My sister, Bonnie, gave me some KnitPicks Shine Sport yarn to try out. It's incredibly pleasant to crochet with, and so soft. These coasters are the results-perfect for resting a beer on during this summer heat.
Last Sunday I went to Plum Island and Newburyport so I made a stop at the Wenham Museum to see this hooked rug exhibit. Alot of nice rugs with summery themes, and a wide range of styles. If you're in the North Shore area, check it out. I really liked seeing the late 1800's stamping blocks by Philena Moxley that are also on display. She's the great grandmother of the woman who now owns Green Mountain Rugs in Vermont-rug hooking passed down through the generations.
Oh, I visited the Fiber Art Center in Amherst (see sidebar) also and saw the Dutch Fiber Artists show on view until the end of the month. I liked the spiderweb-like wall installations by Marain Bijlenga, who uses horsehair, thread, and fabric and paper remnants, and the paper jewelry by Nel Lins.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

I Love Bobbles

Bobbles sure are alot of fun to crochet. This little bag is from the One Skein book. I used Louet Merlin Avalon, a merino/linen wool, as suggested in the book. The bobbles and wool give it a great texture. I was hesitant about sewing in the zipper, but for the first time doing it, I'm happy with the results. I can't wait to use it!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

'tis the season for another bag

Well, it might always be the season for another bag. I made this bag last night because I was worried - worried that the bag I've been embroidering with intentions to use as my summer biking book bag wouldn't get finished. This bag is what I'm envisioning the embroidered bag will be like. A long strap good for biking, light for summer, and big enough to carry the usual stuff. It's about 9.5x13 in., made from a worn out linen dress and no longer worn skirt. I love the print fabric, which also covers my kitchen stool. I used it today and I have to say we had a pleasant journey together.