Sunday, November 19, 2006

Construction of a Bag Part One

I found some (really bad) photos of the circles hooked bag I had taken while I was sewing it together. With this bag I decided to sew it the way kilim or mafrash bags are sewn - on the outside/wrong sides together. First I used a single strand of overdyed yarn and whipped the top edges of the bag.
I also whipped the top seam edges open to provide a bit more room when using the bag.
To sew up the side seams I first used a ladder stitch with a single strand of yarn. I covered this construction stitch up with a whip stitch using 2 yarn strands.
While I was sewing it up, I thought of another way to sew a hooked bag together. I'll have to try it on the next bag I make. Stay tuned for Part 2, putting in the lining and adding the handles.

1 comment:

Jenny J said...

I thought the photos and your descriptions were very good, Betsey. Can't wait to see the finished bag.