Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Square a Day

I've been trying to hook a square a day on the handbag (well, maybe it's been more like a square every other day). There's something pleasing about filling in the grid, and it's easy to see the progress being made. It's been nice using just the leftover strips - in a way I have to think about color a little more.
And look at this sweet rabbit! Being petless at the moment, I can't resist cute animal shots. This is Tai Pae, my sister Jenny's new rabbit. Jenny raises angora rabbits and uses their fur for yarn. She's an amazing weaver, spinner, felter, and knitter.


Jerry & Maxy said...

The progress so far is lovely. The color combinations are so well done.

What a sweetie rabbit. I bet Tai Pei is bionically soft. And such a talented familiy! Does Jenny have a blog too? :)

Anonymous said...

i want that bag! i want that rabbit!

written by another bully,

Betsey said...

Thanks for the nice bag comments. No, Jenny doesn't have a blog. :(