Wednesday, May 17, 2006

the rain stopped

No rain yet today and the outdoors are looking more colorful, like this rug. This was the third hooked rug I made. It's no house in particular, just made up. The inspiration came from Paul Klee's "White House" painting and also antique hooked rugs with houses that often seem to have unusual shapes and motifs swirling round them. This rug gets tramped on daily in my living room. The photo is actually a scan of a small resized photo and so it's pretty grainy. I just can't find the cd with the original pic and I'm feeling too lazy to take a new one. I'll replace the pic when I find the original.


brenda said...

I like that rug!

Jerry & Maxy said...

That is a VERY cool rug! I have signed up for a rug hooking class twice, and both times it was cancelled. I'm moving in a few weeks and hope I can find a class this summer in either RI or NY.

Betsey said...

From what I hear, you should be able to find a rug hooking class in NY - there's alot of hookers and rh teachers in NY. I'm not so sure about RI. If you're in RI near Conn.'s quiet corner, there's a store "Whispering Hill Farm" that has all things rug hooking and more and would no doubt show you the basics.