Saturday, December 31, 2005

Last Day of the Year

This morning I decided to use up some Cushing dyes and dyed some rather dull medium blue wool. I threw in some American Beauty and Violet. Here's a pic of the results - nothing outstanding but definitely better than the original. I'll be able to use this wool for the punch needle rughooking workshop on the 7th with Amy Oxford. She's going to teach my rug hooking group punch needle with everything from rug wool to wool strips to exotic yarns. What a great way to start the new year!
I also did another little embroidery punch needle. This one's done with 2 strands DMC cotton embroidery floss. I like the colors and the cotton flows more smoothly than the linen strands. Oh, I did rip out that ugly background from the first project.


Anonymous said...

Hi Betsey, looks like you're going to town with punchneedle work. I'm working on a 7"x9" piece that I've just started, a gift for a friend. Will bring it along to the Amy O workshop if I manage to come. You are doing great work. Were you using DMC linen in the other project? What background are you going to put back into that project? Can you post a pic of the new background? It's always fun to see how colors change against other colors. --Devin

Bonnie said...

Betsey, the punch needle work sounds like fun. I love that turnip! I hope the workshop on the 7th is a good one. Looks like you're going to have a very creative New Year!

Betsey said...

Devin, Can't wait to see your latest pn piece! I did use dmc linen on the turnip. I haven't added a different color yet. I did try a pale blue and an ochre but wasn't happy with either. Now I'm thinking I'll leave it without a background and just find a funky frame for it. We'll see!