Sunday, January 01, 2006

From Krishna to Cats in the Sun

Happy New Year! My kitchen calendar has gone from Krishna and Radha art to cats lounging in the sun while my engagement calendar went from botanical drawings to wanderlust photos. Hmm, perhaps travel to the Mediterranean is in my future.
With the start of the new year I began working on this year's goals and resolutions. Seeing as this year will be the Year of the Dog that's all the more reason to put goals and plans down in writing! One thing that I put down every year is that I'll do at least one "new" thing every month.
I've begun a couple journals. One is a great little project journal that one of my sisters gave me in which I can keep track of all my projects. The other journal I'm starting is my fiber book where I can doodle and work out various ideas for rugs, etc. Up to now I've been rather scattered with this - bits and pieces of paper and wool strewn here and there. Time to try to be a bit more organized!

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