Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The first post of 2011.

Jan 12 2011 snowstorm 2

Though really, I should say the first post in a good long time - since the summer. What can I say - I guess I was lazing on sunny afternoons. Then September came, working full-time and going to nursing school full-time kept me away more. Blog posting fell to the bottom of a long to-do list. I have a little time before school starts again. So, here I am; Happy New Year! Hope you've been well.

What other firsts do I have for the new year?
My first mitten, not only of 2011, but the first mitten I've ever knit.
Subway Mittens, designed by Colleen Michele Meagher. Berroco Ultra Alpaca, Lichen colorway.

Subway mitten #1

first Subway mitten completed

Another first, a simple, single strand, crocheted, a January necklace. Habu merino lace, charcoal gray.

January crochet strand view 2

January crochet strand

And the last first, the first blizzard of the new year. I can't claim making it, but I've enjoyed partaking in its beauty.

January 12 2011 snowstorm 7

January 12 2011 snowstorm 7
May your new year reach great heights.


linda said...

It's wonderful that you're going to school for nursing, plus working full-time - that is an heroic feat! I love the idea of a January necklace! That is just great!
Stay warm in this crazy snow!

Bonnie said...

Fantastic snow photos! Love the bench.

Good luck with classes when they start again. I am in awe of you!

Debbie said...

Congratulations on nursing school, that will keep you very busy! I had read your post and thought to myself "hmmm, that looks like the Mormon Temple in Belmont, then I looked at your profile and realized it probably is, we both live in Belmont!
Quite the storm, don't ya think?

Betsey said...

Debbie, small world! The building is the bell tower at Perkins School for the Blind. Thanks all for your nice comments.