Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Hempathy's Bounty

A skein of Hempathy is 153 yards. I've found it can go a long way, and that's even with yarn-eating crochet. After I made myself a Comet using the Tea Rose yarn, I still had alot left over. I added a crocheted edge to a gauze scarf. And I still had yarn left so I crocheted a necklace pouch to hold my eyeglasses or iPod Nano.

Even after that I had a bit of yarn left. I could have made a little flower or motif. Instead I crocheted this little bird from the Japanese book, Charming Crochet, that has no function other than hanging sweetly on my wall.


Bonnie said...

Oh gosh, it's all so perfect! That scarf! That cute little bird!!! Your post made me get out my Hempathy necklace and crochet some circles while making popcorn.

I'm sure I'll start eyeing old scarves and who knows what else wondering if they could be freshened up with a sweet crochet border.

But now - time for popcorn and the Flight of the Conchords Season 2 DVD!

Jenny said...

Betsey, I love the way your fabric folds so gracefully with the crochet embellishment emphasizing the fabric's draping appearance. You certainly made great use of that skein!