Thursday, October 29, 2009

the (Habu) line up

Last week at Stitches East I couldn't resist getting some Habu yarn. I snagged two sample bags of unusual and interesting silks, linens and wools, some crinkled, some paper ribbons, some bound, and some with halos. Here they are all in a row - beautiful!

I also like arranging them like a specimen collection. I don't tire looking at them.

These three bundles were not part of the samples. Ideas are floating around in my head as to what they'll become.
But first, I've been crocheting one of the samples, a tsumugi silk, into circular motifs. Now to add another yarn to end up with a necklace.


Anonymous said...

That is some pretty yarn. Put a picture on when you have the necklace done.

Bonnie said...

cool lineup! can't wait to see the finished necklace!

Jenny said...

Nifty yarns and photos! That's the neat thing about some yarns. They are great as they are, without becoming something else.

Shelda said...

Oh, my! I've only once gotten to see Habu yarns in the flesh (so the speak). Yummy, yummy stuff!