Sunday, January 27, 2008

More Scarves to Love!

It's snowing out today much more than I expected. Luckily I have 2 new additions to my scarf collection to protect me from this wintry weather. Yesterday I blocked the Boteh Scarf and it's around my neck as I type. I just love everything about the Artyarn Ultramerino yarn - the color, it's softness next to the skin, the pleasure in crocheting it. It took just over 2 skeins, so I have almost a full skein to use for something else.
The Sidesaddle Cluster scarf has been getting a lot of wear since it was finished. It could be longer and wider but I didn't want to get more of the yarn. Next time, I'll make the full wrap and use a more substantial wool.


Jenny J said...

They are both lovely, Betsey!

Anonymous said...

The colors are really very pretty, as well as the purses behind them.Mom