Sunday, January 31, 2010

bits & scraps

Winter Daisies Pillow:
Scraps of unfit (meaning too thin for rug hooking) wool fabric. A bit of crocheted daisy flowers, an abandoned scarf project (all those endless chains...). I used the incredibly easy envelope back pillow tutorial here.

Coral Strand Necklace:
A bit of Berroco Mica yarn to make a chained and slip stitched cord, with spare button and looped end. Some scrap yarn of Berroco Seduce yarn, leftover from my knit Baktus scarf. The jumping off point for the necklace is Coral, a free crochet pattern from Berroco. I wove the slipped cord through the holes of the Seduce Coral to make my Coral Strand. Depending on my mood, I can wear it spread out or scrunched up.

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