Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Comet Arrives

According to an old American Heritage Dictionary, the comet is “a celestial body having a solid head surrounded by a nebulous luminescent cloud and an elongated curved vapor tail arising when the head approaches the sun.” In the Middle Ages, the comet caused both fear and wonder.

In 1986's modern times, Halley's Comet swung by for an exciting visit.
In today's blogosphere, the comet arriving is a versatile wrist cuff. It's crocheted using a sportweight linen blend yarn and can be worn two ways. I'm sharing the pattern if you'd like a Comet to wrap around your wrist. (I'll be adding it to Ravelry shortly.)

Comet Wrist Cuff
Berroco Naturlin, or similar sportweight yarn, scrap amts.
Hook size: F (3.75mm)
One 1 ½ inch jewelry ring-style bead, or O-ring, or washer
Two ½ inch buttons

Finished dimensions: overall length: 12.75 inches; width at widest point: 2 inches
Fits sm. to med. wrists
Gauge is not critical but work crochet tightly.

Set up row: slip stitch onto ring. Ch 1. 11 sc around ring. (carry tail behind and crochet over). Turn.
Rows 1-29: Ch. 1. Sc in each st. Turn. (11)
Row 30: Ch 1. Sc2tog in first 2 st. Sc in next 7 st. Sc2tog last 2 st. Turn (9)
Rows 31-33: Ch 1. Sc in ea. st. Turn. (9)
Row 34: Ch. 1. Sc2tog in first 2 st. Sc in next 5 st. Sc2tog last 2 st. Turn. (7)
Rows 35-37: Ch. 1. Sc in ea. st. Turn. (7)
Row 38: Ch. 1. Sc2tog in first 2 st. Sc in next 3 st. Sc2tog last 2 st. Turn. (5)
Rows 39-67: Ch. 1. Sc in ea. st. Turn. (5)
Row 68: Ch 5. Skip 4 st. Slip st. in last st. Fasten off.
Correction Update: If you printed out the pattern, please make sure your version lists Row 38 with sc in next 3 st. (originally stated 5-oops!)

Edge: With right side facing, join with slip st into 1st st. at ring’s edge. Ch 1. Slip st. through back loops evenly along edge to button loop. Slip st into ch sp. 5 sc into ch sp. Slip st into ch sp. Slip st through back loops evenly along other side to last st. at ring’s edge. Fasten off. Weave in ends.

Finishing: Sew buttons onto right side, approximately 2 and 4 inches from start of crochet at ring end.

Wrist size can be increased or decreased by adding or deleting rows in the 11sc. section (Rows 1-29)
If you only want to wear it one way, you can eliminate one button and decrease the length of the tail section (Rows 39-67).

© Betsey Sennott, 2009. For Non-Commercial, Personal Use Only.

You can see more views of the Comet Cuff on my Flickr photostream.


Anonymous said...

Betsey, I really like the new Cuff's.

Bonnie said...

Great pattern and cuffs!!!

Jenny said...

Betsey - I like the cuffs and the comet drawings as well.

theneon said...

Thanks so much for sharing -- my cousin suffers from arthritis in her wrists and has made "cuff warmers" from fabric -- now I can try these to bring her into fall in style!

Christine said...

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Anonymous said...

Love your cuff. Makes me wish I crocheted (am planning on taking a class), and am not surprised that Favecrafts are after you.

Vanessa said...

Hi There,

I love this pattern and am dying to try it, but I don't understand how to "slip stitch onto ring" to start the pattern... is there any way you could explain this? I'm kind of a crochet newbie.

Thanks so much!

Betsey said...

Hi Vanessa,
Think of the ring as a stitch you would work a slip stitch into. For this slip stitch, you'll insert the hook inside the ring hole so it sticks out the back so to say, grab the yarn with the hook, bring it and the hook back through the ring. YO, and draw through all the loops on hook so the yarn is now looped around the ring. Then do the chain one. It sounds complicated, I'll try to take a few pictures for you.

Betsey said...

Here's a link that has nice pictures:

Another alternative is to make a single knot right on the ring, and then start your sc's around the ring.

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Jennifer said...

I absolutely love this wrist warmer and can't wait to make it... but i can't find any rings! Any idea where i might look? I am currently living in Germany and can not find an America-style mega-craft store.

Anonymous said...

This cuff is fabulous! I used Baby Bee "sweet delight" sport weight yarn in "rosy cheeks" and since I too couldn't find attractive rings (those elusive suckers just stressed me out after half an hour of looking), I altered the pattern to use 1" belt buckle thingys. (basically a 1" metal rectangle)...since I was using a fairly soft pink, I used kind of a dark steel buckle with some round industrial looking buttons and it really balanced the pink nicely! Thank you for this pattern!

subshop said...

Brilliant wrist cuffs tutorial I'll try to make one now.

Anonymous said...

www.stuff4crafts.com combined with other stuff4 pages (links shown on that site, plus they share aa cart) has just about anything you can think of. You just have to search each subtype.

Keri Rash said...

Love these! So here's the deal with rings.... I got mine from Walmart in the curtain section!! I got the smaller rings with the clips attached.. Just remove the clips and wha-la! Instant rings! :) Happy hookin!