Sunday, October 19, 2008

Linen is Golden

Every time I finish a crochet project using linen, I use the leftovers to make coasters. The four coasters above are my latest. The flower-like coaster is a freebie from Clover's Japan website. I think it has a Mexican vibe to it though. The square one is a Daisy Square from an old Harmony Guide. The circle and triangle are from the Lacy Crochet book, but I didn't crochet all the rounds to the patterns since I was using sportweight yarn instead of thread. I think the triangle would look great as joined together motifs for a tablecloth, throw or shawl. Maybe that will be a future project. I really love the yarn-Berroco's Naturlin. I love how it softens and drapes after it's been blocked. I used this maize color for the tablerunner below, a birthday gift for my sister, Jackie. It was a happy accident that the diamonds in the runner echoed the diamonds in the chairs.


Bonnie said...

What a great idea, using leftovers for coasters - and for trying out different patterns. I love them all, esp. the triangle.

The runner you made for Jackie is so perfect for her table!

Anonymous said...

The table runner really looks nice on Jackie's table. Some thing how the diamond is same as the back of the chairs.


Betsey said...

Thanks! I'm really glad the runner turned out well.