Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hello Internet!

After a long absence I've returned to blogging.
Hello Waveland!
A recently completed scarf, artfully modeled by my Chicago OrkPoster. My sister said I should name the scarf Waveland. When I lived in Chicago I always felt compelled to wave anytime my path crossed with Waveland Ave. What can I say-it's a happy street name. I think I'm going to have to make a shawl using this stitch pattern.

Hello Medals!

My sisters and I are all on Ravelry and competing in Ravelympics while the Olympics are going on. Check out Bonnie's entertaining updates of our Ravelympics progress. I medaled in WIP Wrestling and completed 2 unfinished crochet projects.

I'm competing in one more event, the Sweater Sprint. Despite some setbacks, I'm hoping to make it to the finals, producing a bolero with this fabulous yarn.

Okay, bye, bye!

Update-Amigurumi patterns:

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Anonymous said...

Betsey, Love your project's that you have completed. The unfinished project will look pretty in that color, I think you were working on that while here.