Monday, August 20, 2007

Last train to Utopia

Yesterday I took a quick train trip to Salem to the Peabody Essex Museum for the last day of the Joseph Cornell show, and I'm so glad I did. It was a full survey of all his work. There were many collages and box constructions I hadn't seen before, along with many favorites. A day full of wonderful images, and a very blue-colored day. It was an extremely well put-together show. I believe it travels to San Francisco next-go- if you're in the area.
I crocheted this scattered web lace for a sweater while I was traveling on the train. It will be the lace top in the new Loop d Loop Crochet book. I feel like the fabric is a little stiff even though I have the right gauge. I may block this piece and see if it softens up. Tomorrow, some rug hooking to show you!


Bonnie said...

Oh, I'm so jealous that you saw the Cornell show! But I've seen a number of Cornell shows over the years, so I guess I shouldn't whine.

The web lace looks very nice. I'll bet it will soften up after blocking.

Betsey said...

Bonnie, It did soften up nicely!