Saturday, February 17, 2007

Swatching Pole

One of the advantages of living in an older building is it's unique features. I love my very high ceilings, curved living room windows and odd shaped rooms, but what about the rather ugly water pipe in the kitchen? Why, start decorating it with crochet motifs and swatches. I've been crocheting some stitch pattern swatches and motifs. Here's the first of several adorning the kitchen water pipe. The motif: Pineapple S-737, found through Crochet Pattern Central
Size 10 JP Coats crochet thread, bridal blue
Size 6 hook
Approx 3 in. square


Jenny J said...

Brilliant, Betsey! Reminds me of photos I've seen of city utility poles adorned with spontaneous knitting.

Bonnie said...

Looks like your very cool apartment is on the way to becoming even more cool. Great idea!

BTW, I found an old padded envelope for mailing the lace yarn--it will be in the mail tomorrow.

Melissa said...

Hi there! I found your post 'Construction of a Bag Part Two' because I was desperately trying to find some info on those rivets! Using blog search and Google, you're the only person I can find who has used them. So I hope you don't mind me scooting in here and finding a fellow crafter and begging for some help! lol
Just one simple question and a Thanks in advance for your time! The rivets seem to be too long for my fabric needs. I don't think they should be loose and wiggly, but when I hammer them they seem to smush! The posts are too long? They seem to have worked perfectly on your lovely bag. Should I be working with a 'prong' type rivet or just keep practicing? I hope to hear back from you, and thanks. :)

Melissa said...

Hi again! I tried again. Getting better, fabric isn't super loose, but not extremely snug. Seems the problem is I can't hit straight with the hammer and I'm bending it. :/

Betsey said...

The rivets may be too long. They should be snug so that you have very little room attaching the top dome part of the rivet. They do come in different lengths-see the tandy website. The ones I used are called rapid rivets. Make sure you hit straight down firmly but not with too much force. It's best to do it on a hard surface. The dome may smoosh/flatten out if you don't used the setter base (I'll have to look up the proper name of that!)Good luck! I practiced a couple times on scraps first;my first ones bent.

Melissa said...

Thanks Betsey :) I've got the setter base, and after some practice and lots of bent rivets, I've got it down pat. 2 out of 8 rivets on my bag handles are not 100% perfect, but nothing too noticeable.
I love your doily work. It's amazing. I bet it's fun seeing something come together so beautifully. I'm a knitter but have yet to crochet anything but a single chain. My sister loves doilies and they would make a lovely gift. I'm sure you're mom is going to love her set of 2. Great shape and size too. Your work is very inspiring, maybe I'll try out some doily work. :)