Sunday, June 11, 2006

weekend wrap up

It turned out to be a productive weekend. Here's a few things I completed. Yesterday I had to go into work for a little bit and while I was waiting for visitors to arrive I crocheted a little cozy for my mp3 player. That was the extent of my crocheting in public for "worldwide knit in public day". It's made with sugar and cream cotton yarn from the Ben Franklin down the street. I used one of my punch needle embroidered buttons for it. It was a good, quick way to learn decreases. I used the passport bag pattern from Fuzzy Galore, but changed the size. And now in use is a crocheted potholder/dishcloth. I thought I'd make a couple as a way to learn different stitches. I also finished up sewing a needle case for my pne needles. It's got a few spaces for needles, scissors, notebook and pen, and a see through zipper pouch for floss and needle threaders (and a magnet to hold onto those easy-to-loose threaders). I should have done it properly making a pattern or using a ruler but instead I just eye balled cutting the fabric, and so there's some imperfections. But what the hey, I'll still use it!

During the week I finished hooking one side of my circle handbag. I purchased the pattern from Nola Heidbreder, whose design has a big "concentric circles" on one side. I've marked out my changes and will do another set of 12 squares on the second side. I need to start thinking about what type of handles I want to use. The finished bag size will be about 8 by 11 inches, with a 2 inch gusseted bottom.


Jerry & Maxy said...

Super productive weekend! I adore the's really coming along nicely.

Bonnie said...

Very nice stuff, Betsey! I like the pretty lilac color of the mp3 player cozy.

Anonymous said...

Give me that bag! Plus all the other stuff.

Your every-greedy buddy who loves your designs and color sense,


katie said...

this hooked bag is fantastic - please check mu site - I am a very keen matter!!