Sunday, April 23, 2006

Dying with Bonnie

My sister, Bonnie, had to come into Cambridge Saturday to drop off one of her pieces of art at the Cambridge Art Association for their upcoming National Prize Show in May. Afterwards she came to visit and we dyed some of her wool yarn. One skein came out a brilliant terra cotta and the other a yellowy-gold. Unfortunately we weren't paying attention when rinsing out the gold and it started to felt! Cascade 220 yarn really is a great felting yarn. Later, I tried out some Pro-chem dyes I got. I used a new washfast acid dye color, golden pear which I used on a natural wool. I love it - mottled some and very pear-like. I also tried a new one shot dye, Autumn, on a dark oatmeal wool. It's nice, a bit darker than I wanted. And definitely not as delicious as the homemade pumpkin bread Bonnie gave me! I also got to see in person many of her beautiful perfectly knitted pieces that I covet. You can see them for yourself on her blog, Towards the Blue Peninsula, in the sidebar.

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