Thursday, March 30, 2006

Put Yer Feets Up Thursdays

Week 9:
It's a beautiful Spring day so I'm posting the finished Flowers and Vines stool. I'm thinking on working this design using pn embroidery on some hand-dyed wool - and maybe another hooked stool using different colors.


Anonymous said...

Love the design on the stool. Looks so pretty with your plants in the back ground.

Anonymous said...

That is really lovely. It would make a wonderful pn design! If you wished to make a paper pattern of it for pn, I bet you could easily sell the pattern, too. Depends on whether that sort of thing interests you, of course.

Beautiful design.


Betsey said...

Thanks!! I've occasionally thought about selling patterns but haven't really serioudly thought about it. It is good to hear the design could sell.

RC said...

That's a really cool stool, i like it alot.

--RC of