Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Anniversary Rug

My mom just sent me this photo of the anniversary rug I made for my parents in 2003. She recently hung it in their bedroom. Nice hanging job, Tom and Mom! My favorite parts are the side "fence" borders, the "kids in the nest" and the strawberry because my Dad liked to say that "Anita's kisses are sweeter than all the strawberries in the world."


Anonymous said...

Thanks Betsey,
I've gotten very nice comments on the rug. Dad would be proud to see it hanging in our bedroom.

Betsey said...

That's nice to hear. Thanks, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hey there Betsey,

It's a treat to be able to see this rug again! It has even more charming elements than I remembered, and I remember it as one of my favorites. I wish the colors had come out more accurately in the photo (or maybe it's my screen) because I remember how fabulous they are in combination with the whimsical and loving design. I'm so glad you posted the photo.