Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Oak and Acorn Stool

Here's a hand hooked stool I recently finished. The wools are hand dyed and mill dyed. The design is adapted from a Medieval English pavement tile. I originally was going to use the red for the background , but I'm glad I decided on the gold instead. And, in fact, the original tiles were produced in gold or black.


Jenny said...

Betsey -
The design of you stool is lovely. I think the background color is perfect.
Looking forward to more,

Bonnie said...

Beautiful, Betsey! I love the colors.

I will add a link to your blog on mine. :)

Betsey said...

Thanks for the nice comments, Jenny, Bonnie and Mom.
Bonnie, I added a link to your blog.

Aunt Jane said...

The purse looks very pretty.
Keep in touch.
Aunt Jane

Anonymous said...

I really liked your stool.Where did you find the tile design.You sound like a history buff.Are you like me and like learning the meaning of symbols,etc,and how things came to be? Lovely work,Dwb in C.B.

Betsey said...

I'm glad you liked the stool, Dwb. I was browsing through a book at the library on medieval tiles and liked that design, along with a few others. I don't really consider myself a history buff. Sometimes I'm interested in the symbolic meaning of motifs, and other times I'm just like or am interested in the the design or pattern itself.